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10 cool tips for a Masquerade Party

10 cool tips for a Masquerade Party

“Masquerade” comes from the French word “masque” which translates into “mask.” European aristocrats were known to host masquerade balls for their guests.

Masquerade parties are generally elaborate dance parties. In the beginning such parties were held for members of the upper class, including Royal families. It is believed that the origin of these ‘mask parties’ was France.

Since the masquerade parties became particularly popular in Venice during the Venetian carnivals, they are also known as Venetian-themed parties. Masquerade party masks are also popularly known as ‘Venetian masks’

A masquerade ball party is a special event in itself with elaborate dresses, rich food, piano music, and mysterious masks!

10 cool tips to throw a rocking masquerade party

Like the theme?! Here are some quick tips to throw a masquerade party all by yourself.

1. Invitation Ideas

  • Order a ready-made party invitation for a masquerade party from an online party store or design one yourself.
  • Invitations can be cut in the shape of an eye mask and decorated with sequence, glitters, feathers, etc.
  • Make or order some interesting masks to paste on the front page of the Invitation Card.
  • Popular colors for masquerade party invitations are purple, black, green, golden and silver.
  • You can choose and send free online invitations for a masquerade party as well.
  • Create Free Online Invitations for Masquerade Party

2. Decorate for a masquerade party

  • Decorate your Party venue for a masquerade party with masquerade masks. Hang them on walls and place them on tables as centerpieces.
  • Use velvet ribbons in purple, blue, green and golden colors to cover the entrance, pillars, staircase, etc.
  • Avoid harsh lighting, use dimmers wherever possible. Hanging lanterns is also a good idea. Accentuate with candles placed safely. Try creating a focus on the dance floor.

3. Dress up for a masquerade party

  • Men are supposed to wear formal suits
  • Ladies need long dresses for the party, preferably, gowns.

4. On Guest arrival

  • When each guest arrives dressed up for the party, provide a collection of crowns, tiaras, boas, masks, feathers, etc. Encourage the guests to accessorize and pose for a photo, which they can carry later as a party favor.

5. Plan Food Menu

  • Appetizer Ideas – cheese with crackers, avocado, spiced almonds, cashewnuts and walnuts, seafood options. Appetizers featuring salmon and cream cheese too are very elegant, as is caviar.
  • Vegetable salads with mozzarella are just right for an Italian feel.
  • Champagne can be served with strawberries, wine with cheese and olives.
  • Chocolate mousse or a chocolate fountain should be good.

6. Music for the party

  • As there’s ball dance, plan to play good piano music, and jazz numbers. Other mystery, suspense kind of songs can also be played.

7. Plan some theme related prizes

  • Best female costume and best male costume
  • Best dressed couple
  • Best dancing couple

8. Games and activities for Masquerade party

  • Music and dance games like
  • i.      musical chair,
  • ii.      pairing up in called out numbers when the music stops,
  • iii.      changing dance partners as the music changes,
  • iv.      calling out different ways to couple dance like “dance on 1/4th newspaper”, “dance while holding hands”, etc.
  • A musical mysterious treasure hunt can also be organized with clues handed out to all teams.

9. Engage and Entertain Kids

  • If kids are also expected, keep them occupied and entertained in another designated area. They can be engaged in designing their own masks with lots of decorating materials.

10. Party favor Ideas

  • Each guest’s dressed up photo in a frame designed for a Masquerade party.
  • Glitter Candles.
  • Glitter Crown glasses.
  • Key chains with mask designs.
  • Feathered Headband.
  • Magic masquerade photo album.
  • Masks and beads personalized favor boxes.

Send Free Online Invitations for Masquerade Party
Host a wonderful masquerade party and give yourself and your guests an opportunity to display a completely different and mysterious persona by donning masks and costumes.

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