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How to organize a Ben 10 birthday party

How to organize a Ben 10 birthday party

Try naming a kid who doesn’t like watching cartoons… yes, they are all glued to cartoons, animation movies and wii games, iPods, iPhones, Androids and ofcourse iPads! :)

When it comes to planning a birthday party for little boys these days, you discover that their top three favorites are ‘Ben 10′, ‘Buzz Light Year’ from Toy Story series and ‘Spy Kids’.

Okay, so now that you have figured out the theme, how do you plan your kid’s birthday party around it?! Let’s take them one at a time starting with Create Free Online Invitations for Birthday Party Ben 10 theme for birthday party. If you have no clue about the famous Ben 10 till now, we recommend that you should watch at least one of his cartoons to understand how a special watch, Omnitrix, helps Ben Tennyson, a simple boy, choose and turn into an alien of his choice. Omnitrix allows Ben to transform into any one of the 10 aliens at a time, hence the name, “Ben 10”. All aliens, FourArms, XLR8, Heatblast, Grey Matter, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Wildmutt, Razorjaws and Diamondhead have some distinct characteristics/ powers that Ben can use when he transforms into one of them. Check out more Ben 10 aliens here:

In his adventures, Ben has company of his grandpa, Max, his cousin, Gwen and villain-turned-friend Kevin who are with him in saving Mankind from enemy aliens who keep attacking Earth to gain power, and sometimes to steal/snatch the special alien watch (Omnitrix) that Ben has. The main villain in the story is Vilgax, who follows Ben relentlessly to have Omnitrix.

Dress Code for Ben 10 party

While the Birthday Boy should preferably be dressed as Ben initially, he can later change into an alien of his choice. Other kids can come dressed as one of the aliens (10 superheroes), as Vilgax (villain), as Kevin (Ben’s friend), as Gwen (girls only) or as grandpa, Max. Must have accessory for Ben and his 10 aliens is an Omnitrix watch on their wrist.

Men of the family can opt to dress like Ben’s grandpa, Max, who generally wears casual printed shirts on top of bermudas. Add a hat or a cap if you like.

Ladies can wear long or short western dresses to look from the same family. :)

Invitations for Ben 10 party

Use Green and white or yellow and black color theme to design your party invitations. Invitations can be cut in the shape of Omnitrix watch or can have Ben drawn on them with miniatures of his aliens in the background. Don’t forget to mention the dress code (Ben 10 characters / aliens), date/time and venue for the party. Alternatively, you can create an online invitation via and share it with your kid’s friends via email / Facebook / Twitter / SMS. Guests can RSVP online for the e-invitation.

Send Ben 10 Invitations & Ben 10 cards online

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Send Free Online Invitations for Ben 10 Birthday Party

Decorations for Ben 10 party

It is a super hero and aliens party and decorations have to be in accordance with the theme. Color theme has to be green, yellow, black and white. Bouquets of green and white balloons can be used to create to right ambience for the party. Add Ben 10 / aliens’ posters on the walls to highlight the theme. A standing poster of Ben 10 should be placed at the entrance with a Welcome message from the birthday boy (paste a photo of the kid, if you like).

Essentials (Cake, Party Favors)

Order a cake with Ben 10 theme (Ben, Omnitrix, Van, etc.) or get a cake of your kid’s favorite flavor and decorate it with miniature Ben 10 characters /aliens. Get crockery, caps, return gifts / favors according to the theme. All party favors and prizes can be wrapped in Ben 10 themed papers or in bold green and white colors, sealed with a Ben 10 sticker.

Games and Activities for Ben 10 themed party

Drawing and coloring
Suitable for all age groups, hand colors and sheets to all kids and ask them to draw and color an alien of their choice. It could be a new alien they imagine on their own. Before, they hand back their creations, they need to name the alien they have created. An alternate would be to hand-hold them a little, and ask them to design Alien masks (to be worn on faces), which they can wear when they move around or dance. Don’t forget to click pictures of the young artists at work and with their creations.

Treasure Hunt
Hide some Ben 10 toys and accessories at various places in your house or a particular area / room. Ask the kids to begin their Treasure hunt. When a kid finds an item from the treasure, he gets to keep it and has to take a winner’s seat and watch the other kids hunt for treasure.

Role Play with Masks
You can create, buy or get the kids to create face masks of Ben 10’s characters. Ask all kids to represent the character they have on their mask. Some grown ups can act as judge and award the best actor.

Make your own Ben 10 story
You can create, buy or get the kids to create face masks of Ben 10’s characters. Once the masks are ready, divide the kids into 2/3 teams. Ask each team to cook up a Ben 10 story and enact the same in 10-15 minutes. Each and every member of the team is required to act. Some grown ups can act as judge and award points of each of the teams. The best team wins some goodies that they can share amongst themselves.


Keep some peppy / adventurous kind of music at hand. Ben 10 theme song can be downloaded from Internet to play when the Birthday Kid enters as Ben or at the start of each of the Ben 10 plays / story-enacting.
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After the party

Send Thankyou card/SMS/email to the guests for being a part of your special occasion, if not already sent with the party favors.
Post the pictures/snaps with interesting tag lines online and share all the guests a link to the album.

if planned via, thankyou notes can be scheduled to be sent automatically after the event via email/SMS. The photos too can be uploaded on the event’s web page by all guests and host to share.

Send Free Online Invitations for Birthday Party

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If planned and executed well, the party will be a dream come true for your boy!
Don’t forget to share your experiences…

Cheers! :)

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