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Printable Tambola Game

Printable Tambola Game

Having a Party and need a game you can play without any pre-planning? Take home the Printable Tambola game we offer in this post for free.

Tambola (also known as Lotto or Housie), is a fun game that can be played in any kind of formal or informal gathering. The game consists of a board with numbers marked from 1 to 90, tambola tickets, and number balls/marbles (1-90).

Tambola game can be played in the following ways:
1. Tambola Tickets are sold at a fixed price. Players can buy 1 or more tickets. Prize winning points are decided. Each prize winning point is associated with a prize money such that the amount collected from the sale of the tickets is consumed.
2. The game can be played on the house, where the host provides the prizes that are given away to the winners. Number of winning points should match the number of prizes.

To play the game, the person who calls out the numbers, needs to pick up random numbers (1-90) from a bowl, and place them on the Tambola board.

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Printable Tambola Game Board and Numbers

Printable Tambola Game Board
Paste this printed game on a
cardboard of same size, if you prefer.
Print Tambola Game Numbers
Cut out the numbers from 1 to 90
to pick and place on the board
You can print them from here and stick
upon some tiny objects like marbles.

40 Printable Tambola Tickets

All the players will need 1 or more Tambola tickets to strike the called out numbers present in their tickets. You can print 40 unique tickets for tambola from here:

free-download-tambola-game-board1st set of 14 tickets (201-214)
printable tambola tickets
free-download-tambola-game-board2nd set of 14 tickets (215-228)
printable tambola tickets
free-download-tambola-game-board3rd set of 14 tickets (229-240)
printable tambola tickets

Enjoy playing the newly created Tambola! :)

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Buy Tambola online for self, or to gift someone and get it delivered anywhere in India.
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  1. Sachin says:

    Wanna play tambola with near n dear one. No need to have them around you. Download Tambola app and play game in private group with your friends and family across the globe.Public games are always available for crazy game lovers @ 24 x 7. So Lets Bingo :-)

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