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11 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

11 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is a perfect occasion to express your feelings for your mother in a way she’d love. Pamper her, give her all your love on this special day, and every following day… :)

Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday, the 11th May 2014.

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Here are a few Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day –

  • Mothers are generally fond of jewellery so there is a little chance you could go wrong if you decide to get a piece of jewellery for her. Usually, a ring, a bracelet, a locket or a chain would do the trick. You may also go in for trendy fashion jewellery. That’ll easily fit your budget too.
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  • Some moms love flowers. A bouquet of flowers with a lovely message, at the doorstep, early morning on Mother’s Day will make her day.
  • If your mother loves perfumes and cosmetics, gift her a special perfume, a new hair dryer or cosmetics she’d love to have. If she is 50+, she might appreciate anti-ageing creams, creams to smoothen her arms and feet and a good foot scrubber.
  • If she loves to read books, gift her a book depending on her taste (housekeeping, home décor, gardening, cooking, ‘vaastu’ / feng shui, autobiographies of great women, etc.). You may also gift her a subscription of her favorite magazine.
  • For Moms who love music, the best gift would be CDs of her favorite singer(s). If she loves to hear music, you may gift her iPod or an MP3 player too depending on your budget.

  • If your mom loves to watch movies, take her out for a movie or pamper her with tickets to take her friends to one of the latest movies (offer to drop and pick them up) or gift her DVDs of her favorite movies, or a compact CD/DVD player with a screen to watch movies.
  • A general gift could be a good dress for her depending on her taste. Indian mothers love ‘Sarees’ as gifts.
  • For moms who love gadgets, gift her a new mobile, an organizer or an iPad.
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  • If your mother is working, you may gift her a hand bag, a pair of sunglasses or a wrist watch.
  • You may also gift your mom a visit to a Spa or a Parlor for a relaxed facial, manicure or a body massage. You may find some good deals online.

  • A nicely framed picture of her with you or your kids should also be a good present for Her. If she’d prefer a digital picture frame loaded with family pictures should also be great.

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Go ahead, make her day…
And do not forget to share with us and fellow readers which gift idea suits your mother the best via comments. Thanks :)

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2 Responses to 11 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. AlyR says:

    Thanks for the great Mother’s Day gift ideas! My mom has just found a recent love for all things gadgets, so I’m thinking the new iPad would make for an excellent Mother’s Day surprise. In addition to that, one of my coworkers at Dish recommended I get her a Sling Adapter to go along with her new iPad and Dish services, so I’ll probably do that as well. All she’ll have to do is download the Dish Remote Access app to her iPad, once she gets it and then she’ll instantly be able to view all of her favorite shows and movies, from back home, anywhere she goes in the world on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. I’m very excited to see how she reacts to her gifts! Thanks again for the iPad idea! :)

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