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Play Tambola with Playing Cards Play Tambola with Playing Cards
A new interesting way of playing Tambola / Housie with playing cards.
Interesting mind game in Hindi Interesting mind game in Hindi
A guess and calculate game in Hindi, ideal for Indian family parties, kitty parties, festive gatherings, etc. Guess the numbers and Test your Maths. T
Terrible Twosomes Terrible Twosomes
Players – 8 or more Equipment – A card for each player Preparation – Write on cards the names of […]
Printable Tambola Game Printable Tambola Game
Looking for an instant game to play with old and new friends, neighbors, and more? Print the game of Tambola and the tambola tickets to start playing
Games – Before the Party begins Games - Before the Party begins
What to do when some of your guests have arrived and there are still many to come?! Read on...
Pick Gems with Chopsticks Pick Gems with Chopsticks
The game can be played one by one or simultaneously by several players at a time. Each Player needs a […]
1 minute Search Game 1 minute Search Game
An outdoor game for kids and adults of all ages. Fill 1 or more tubs with colored water. Add lots […]
1 minute Candles Game 1 minute Candles Game
Required Items: 20 long stick candles, 1 filled matchbox, a newspaper, a stopwatch, a paper and a pen. Best way […]
How to play Tambola! How to play Tambola!
All about playing Tambola / Housie !