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1 minute Candles Game

1 minute Candles Game

Required Items: 20 long stick candles, 1 filled matchbox, a newspaper, a stopwatch, a paper and a pen.

Best way to play: All the players play simultaneously with their own set of candles, matchbox, newspaper.

  • As “Start” is called out each player has to start lighting his set of candles and sticking them onto his/her newspaper.
  • At the end of 1 minute, the player who has maximum number of lighted candles standing on the newspaper, wins!

Suggested modification for couples playing the game:
Let 1 person light the candles and hand over to his/her better half, who then has to stick them onto the newspaper. Or a better way could be to leave it upto couples to device their own strategy to win together!

Enjoy! :)

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