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5 ways to spruce up your Garden Party

5 ways to spruce up your Garden Party

Garden parties can be elegant, casual or elaborate depending upon your interests, budget and resource availability. Below you will find a compilation of 5 garden party ideas that you can use to throw a memorable close-to-nature garden party.

1. Imagine new décor styles!

From creatively decorated table centerpieces and beautifully designed placards to lavish tablecloths and appealing banners, you can let your imagination run wild and free to create a completely new and fresh décor for a garden party! The finest design for a soothing garden ambiance cannot be done without flowers. You can mount floral banners or use beautiful flowers for tabletop decorations. If the garden party is scheduled to take place on a bright summer day, make sure you make prior arrangements for some beach umbrellas. For late night garden parties, you can use twinkling lights for decoration.

2. A garden party does not always require a garden!

It is not necessary to have a garden to host a garden party. You can also turn your living room into a splendid garden. You just need to get enough potted flowers and plants inside the indoor area to make that happen! Place them or hang them to create a beautiful, close-to-nature ambiance. In order to create an even livelier ambiance, you can use floral tableware and vases. If you need to organize the garden party for a large number of people, you’d probably be booking a public park. In this case, it is advisable to gather prior information on types of food, music, activities, furniture and drinks permitted by the local authorities or caretakers of the public park.

3. Give a new fling to the garden party by choosing some unique activities.

You need to think creatively to come up with activity ideas. For example, you can ask your guests through an invitation e-card to bring a potted plant to the garden party for a mutual swapping! Plant or flower pot swapping can take place through a gaming competition or lottery. If you want to do something educational for your sophisticated guests, you can invite a floral expert for a short lecture or presentation on how to arrange flowers or nurture potted plants. Set up a barbeque if you like. The bottom-line is that anything to do with the garden can become an exciting activity for your guests!

4. Incorporate herbs from your garden in dishes, juices and salads

It is a great idea to incorporate various herbs from your garden in your garden party food and beverage menu. You need not get the raw material from the garden itself! It is just fine to get veggies and fruits from the market if your garden does not supply all these in plenty.  Label the dishes with the herbs used in them.

5. Drinks that match your garden party theme

You can serve alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks to your guests in a garden party. Just think of some ideas to use more veggies, herbs, plant leaves and flowers in the process! For example, serving mint julep to all your guests in a garden party is an excellent idea. You can also use raw spices, mint leaves, chilies, lemons, tomatoes, cucumber etc. to add a unique appeal to drinks.

No matter what budget you have for a garden party, it is always possible to incorporate the above mentioned ideas with some modifications. You do not have to burn a hole in your pockets to host a memorable garden party for your guests. You just need to think through the whole affair and make appropriate selections as far as food, drinks, décor, invitation cards, tableware, napkins, placards etc. are concerned.  Get Started :)

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