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Everything you need for a slumber party

Everything you need for a slumber party

A slumber party, also known as sleepover or pajama party, is a must-have for kids, teens and even adults. It is a welcome break from the usual routines and often adds to the camaraderie of the friends.

Slumber parties are all about kicking back without a care and enjoying the company of your friends. While some slumber parties just happen (post-an-event) and turn out to be good, the ones that you get to plan can be a lot of FUN! At first thought, you may get the feeling that there is very little that you can do to prepare for a slumber party, but it is not so.
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Prepare for a slumber party

  • Send out Invitations: 1 week before the D-date, send out the invitations for the sleepover party. You can choose to send printed invitations or paperless e-invitations for the same. Include the details like Date, Start Time (drop-off time), End Time (pick-up time), indicate the theme, if any. And consider adding an interesting tag line like ‘come in your pajamas with your tooth brush’, ‘lets have a rock n’ roll night’, ‘movies, cards, games and dancing await you..’
  •  Space: One of the most important things that you need is space. Make space by moving your furniture around. If you plan to watch some TV together or decide to do a group activity, then, it is best to be done on the mattresses spread on the floor. Setting up a game or a movie on your favorite couch or your favorite spread can easily go wrong because of accidents and spills. So take precautions beforehand by keeping such things out of the way. Also make sure that you have plenty of pillows and covers for your guests. Even if you are simply sitting down on the ground, the presence of a few pillows dramatically affects the comfort levels.
  • Something fun to do: A slumber party is about having fun with your favorite people. It is a good idea to have something planned out. You can buy some board games, video games, wii, x-box, cards, tambola or dumb charades to kill time and laugh with your pals. You can also think of DIY games that you can play OR play some dancing numbers and get everyone to shake a leg. If you don’t feel like doing such activities, then, listening to some music and watching a movie or two is also a great way to enjoy with your friends. You can hold a movie marathon for your friends or simply power up the TV and watch some sports.
  • Plenty of food and drinks: Stock up on plenty of food for yourself and your guests. Besides the main dinner courses, you can also hoard some snacks and hide ‘em away only to surprise your friends later. For an adult sleepover, you can also stock some drinks, tea and coffee. Alcohol is a great social catalyst if consumed in moderation and can liven up your slumber party in ways you never imagined before. If you plan to drink, then snacks are an all important additive. Besides that you can also serve up a surprise platter or two late in the night. For movie/TV nights, popcorns and nachos will add to the effect.
  • Emergency supplies: Stock up on some emergency supplies like a torch, candles, matches and even cell phone chargers in case you may need them. It is also wise to always have a first aid kit in the house, slumber party or not. Besides that you may also want to have some ice and emergency food supplies stocked up in the fridge in case somebody has a sudden craving for midnight snacks.

A slumber party is a lot of fun, if organized well. Even though the planning is not as intense as for a fully fledged party, some amount of planning can make it a memorable night. If it is a kids’ slumber party that you are hosting then make sure that you inform every parent about the drop-off and pick-up times. Ask them if their kid is allergic to some food item to keep a note with you. Also keep the contact numbers of all parents handy with you.

Take lots of photos, and shoot a video too, to share with your friends later and keep it as a memory of the sleepover, pajama party! Enjoy! :)

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