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Father’s Day Games

Father’s Day Games

How well my child knows me

In the party ask children to record what their father does at his office, what he likes, dislikes on a decorated piece of paper and write their name on the back of the paper. Later, ask fathers what they think their child would’ve written about them before letting them read aloud what their child actually wrote.

Identify your child’s Print

On a piece of paper, take a print of child’s hand/foot. Label the behind of the paper with the kid’s name. Hang or place all these prints side by side. Later, ask fathers to identify their child’s print. Finally, announce who identified whose prints.

Father-child Fashion Show

Give Father-Child teams 5-10 min. to prepare for a Ramp Walk. Put on music and let father-child duo walk the ramp in their style. Announce awards such as ‘Best Buddies’, ‘Best walking partners’, ‘Most alike duo’, ‘Best Dressed’, etc.

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