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Modern ways of celebrating Karva Chauth

Modern ways of celebrating Karva Chauth

Of the countless traditions that different societies in India follow, a principle one is that of Karva Chauth. It is believed that this festival started in the medieval times when the husbands used to go to battle. For their safety the wives, who were left back in the homes or palaces, started a tradition of fasting for the long lives of their husbands. This tradition, later, got popular by the name of ‘Karva Chauth’. Although, there are different ways of celebrating Karva Chauth, but the Legends and mythological stories eventually weave themselves around the ceremony to give it a deepened religious touch.
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In its entirety the festival ritualistically goes through the nitty-gritty of fasts, pujas, storytelling, customary gathering of women to worship, commencing with watching and worshipping the moon and the husband. The husbands then help their wives break the fast by making them drink water.
The rituals have ever since been traditional with women going for bangles, sarees, heena, cosmetics and other stuffs to enhance their look on the occasion. The sale of uniquely shaped Karva (diya) too rises with many women preferring to do something different than the other.

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Dress for Karva Chauth:

No doubt, there are different ways of celebrating Karva Chauth, but the role of saree or lehenga is irreplaceable. This unpatented symbol of the Indian women is now going the sexy way. An increase in designer sarees is what is attracting the women more and more. A beautifully woven saree that kisses the body at just the right angles is sure to give the husband a reason to look smilingly at his beautiful wife. For those desirous of a handsome, lovable husband, wearing a designer saree would be a perfect mix of traditional and modern. For the husband, it may burn a hole in the pocket as a branded designer saree can cost anything upwards of Rs. 5,000. ;)

Heena on Karva Chauth:

Applying heena on palms and feet is another tradition associated with the festival. Beautiful patterns are drawn usually on the two palms of the women who observe the fast of Karva Chauth from a paste of heena plant. Earlier women used to get their husbands names written in the heena design. In modern times, women can get permanent tattoos, instead of temporary heena stains, on their body showing their love for their husbands. Alternately, husbands too can get a tattoo on their body showing their affection and devotion towards their wives. This is something many celebrities do and there is no harm in emulating this modern display of love.

Bollywood Style Karva Chauth:

There are bollywood film sequences featuring the hero and the heroine celebrating the festival. The husband-wife duo can enact a similar song and dance sequence complete with the dialogues from a film. A Bollywood song and dance routine with the entire family could be a perfect break from tradition without hampering the rituals. May we suggest ‘Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana’ from the Shahrukh-Kajol starrer Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? :)

The most romantic part of the festival is when the husband offers his wife a glass of water as a symbol of breaking the fast after she sees him indirectly through a sifter. With the cry of equality between women and men growing strong, the husbands can observe the fast as a mark of respect to their devoted wives.

Romatic Outing

It would also be dreamy if the husband takes his wife to some higher ground or near the sea/river from where the moon – the deity of the festival – can be seen clearly. Breaking a fast for a husband and offering sweets to the wife under the bright moonlight glowing down a hill or glittering on the dark waters is a stuff dreams are made of. This can also be transformed into a romantic outing for the couple.

karva chauth

Party on the D-Day

Karva Chauth has now transformed into a much anticipated occasion which calls for a social gathering and an elated party. Guests are invited either by word of mouth or by online invitations. The party can be planned as a Potluck party as well wherein all families bring on something to share with all other guests.

Keeping with the essence of Karva Chauth, a number of modern ways of celebration can be devised. What is important here is to take note that if the women folk can fast just for the sake of their husbands’ welfare, then men too can take a solemn vow of keeping their wives happy and not do something that disappoints them. That would be the best way.

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Enjoy the festivity, its traditions and modern adaptations. Cheers :)

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