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Surprisingly Easy Dessert Recipes for Everyone

Surprisingly Easy Dessert Recipes for Everyone

Desserts are incredibly delicious and loved by almost everyone. The soft feel and delicious flavor is heavenly. The common dessert ingredients like chocolates, fruits, custards, etc. make them so yummy. You need to learn and master the recipe if you want to truly make the best of desserts yourself. There are some simple dessert recipes that, if you will take some time to learn, will fetch a lot of admiration for you from family and friends. So let’s see some delightfully easy dessert recipes.

Stuffed fruit

Kids rarely enjoy fruits. They have tastier options in terms of chocolates, ice-creams and other delicacies. So how do you make your children eat fruits? The trick is simple and tasty. Make them some yummy stuffed fruit desserts and they will love you and you will love the fact that they are consuming so much more fruits than ever before. Use apple, pear, strawberries, etc. for your dessert and replace the center of those fruit with some fresh marshmallows. It is something even adult members of your family will surely enjoy along with kids.

Pop-up bananas

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough time for the perfect dessert for a party, then this simple dessert is one of the best options you have. Peel a few bananas according to the amount of dessert you are about to prepare. If you want the dessert to be even more delicious, dip the bananas in melted chocolate. You can refrigerate these bananas to serve them later. It is an amusing dessert that takes no time to prepare and everyone will love it.

Simple pie

Most of us like pies. There are very easy to make pies that can be of great value if you are planning to prepare some easy to make last minute dessert. Buy some Graham cracker crusts and pack it with pudding flavors. Allow it to cool and then add some whipped cream on it. If you want to make it more attractive for kids, just add some chips or candy in different flavors like peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch etc. This pie tastes wonderful and isn’t it so easy to make as well?

Baked apples

This is another very simple and easy to make dessert recipe and it is a healthier option for health conscious people. Just get some fresh apples and slice them into two pieces. On top of these pieces, sprinkle some natural sugar, granola and cinnamon. Bake this preparation for ten to fifteen minutes and you have a deliciously healthy dessert ready to eat. It takes very little time to prepare and yet is great for your health as it is made from natural substances.

Brownie sundae

These brownies can be purchased from the market or you can make them yourself at home without much effort. All you need to do is to put the brownie in a small plate and put ice cream over it. You can select the flavor you or your kids like most. Then pour some hot chocolate sauce over the ice cream top. Adding some whipped cream as a topping will make it look even more attractive.

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