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Romantic Games for Married Couples

Romantic Games for Married Couples

Marriage is great for a lot of reasons, but sometimes couples can have problems when the relationship becomes stagnant. To help with this, we have six romantic games that married couples can play at home to ignite a spark in their life. While you don’t need to be married to play these games, they definitely help you get off the monotony if you are going through a tough state.
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Romantic Games for Married Couples

Here’s a list of six specific games that are romantically inclined. Married couples are going to love playing these games because they tend to bring two people closer together.

Truth or Dare

Although, one of the oldest games when a bunch of friends get together, this one can really turn tables for couples in specific. Consider this one time when the both of you are lifelessly idle at home and have no conversations to keep you active, try and make an initiative to play this game. The partner might try to resist, but you can always irk them by calling them scared, in a cute way though. Once you both are ready, do not try and poke into truths that may bring in others. Ask about things that are only related to the two of you. Like what was he thinking when he first met you. This is only an example. Go all wild with it and get into the romantic reminisce mode. Its only going to lead you two into intimacy and nostalgia. Enjoy while it lasts! The moments will make you both think on how good you are together and how much you need these sessions every now and then.

Relationship Trivia

This one’s similar to the truth game except you can go all crazy by doing rapid fires and gratifying for a correct answer with something sensual. I personally think the rapid fires are great because they tend to divulge your inner feelings and you both have this session of poking, laughing, thinking and going all coy. This is enough to get the things going in your favor.

The Kissing Game

This is very much like the drinking game most people know from college. Pick a movie or television show as well as a few key phrases. If those phrases are spoken in the movie, the couple needs to kiss! Wild, senseless, yet the most engrossing game for a couple! Try it out to know the magic it contains in its rules!

The Question Game

Everything does come down to communication at the end of the day! This one is another communication initiator! Twenty questions is a classic game, but with a little work you can make it more romantic and perfect for a couple who are just getting to know each other. Just be sure you’re honest with all the answers. Also, getting dirty and naughty is allowed unless you do not just do it for luring your partner into giving up and losing. *Giggles*

Follow the Path

For this game, one partner sets up the house with clues that the other person sees when they walk in the front door. Each clue should lead them one step closer to the other person. Its more like a puzzle. You need to exactly know what you want it to end into. The ending to this game is up to you. If it were me, I’d like to end it on a dinner table or a closet of things that we cherish.

Fantasy Night

If either person has a fantasy they want to act out with role playing, you can designate one day a week or month for each person to be able to act out their fantasy. Just make sure you stay safe at all times and don’t break any laws.

Playing any of the games listed above can really really put a spark back into a relationship. If you have any games of your own that you like to play with your partner, keep it clean and share a comment outlining the game. With divorce rates so high these days, it can be nice to have something that brings two people together closer. What do you think?

Written by: Campbell Fox is a huge fan of aFreeChat and thinks that random webcam chats are the next big frontier online. When not chatting with strangers and friends, he offers SEO services in NY from his apartment. He also writes about a lot of different topics online in his spare time.

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