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How to throw a Retirement Party

How to throw a Retirement Party

What feelings does the word retirement bring to you?!
Is it the end of a career or the beginning of a freer life?!!

Is it the beginning of a long wait for the end of this lifetime or the embarking of a new exciting fun-filled adventure of living your life on your own terms? Whatever connotations you might attach to the phenomenon called retirement; it is certainly one of the most important and profound of changes in your life.

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Many look forward to retirement as it means to them a life free of the obligations of a 9-5 job. No more need to get up early in the morning to catch the bus or train to reach the office in time. No more working till late at the office. No more bossing and tossing around by people in authority. It is like regaining your freedom and therefore a great reason for throwing a party.

Planning the retirement party to perfection

Like any other important event, a retirement party should also be planned properly to get the most fun out of it. Following tips will help organize it well.

  • Where to hold the party is the first consideration. A house, restaurant, club or garden. The options are many. It is important to choose the right location based on how many people are expected to attend, the season, the time of the day and of course your budget.
  • Deciding on the people you are going to invite and how many of them is important. Making a formal list of invitees will help avoid forgetting any important persons. Always keep leeway for sudden cancellations or new additions.
  • If you have a hobby or a particular interest then you can arrange a theme party. The decorations of the venue, music, food and drinks, and clothes to wear will be dictated by the theme.
  • Sending invitations in time by email or snail mail is important. You can use a party planner service to handle the invitation procedure for you. Using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn is also a great way to let people know about the party and to invite them, discuss with them about ideas and get their valuable suggestions and feedback.
  • Keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and fun is important for a successful retirement party. Decorating the venue with colorful balloons and ribbons is common. Add some innovation by putting some poster-sized photographs of the retiree in various stages of his career. A slide show of this will also make the event truly unforgettable.
  • Hiring someone for photographing or shooting video of the event is a great way to make sure that the moments will be cherished for a lifetime.
  • Receiving meaningful gifts can provide great emotional satisfaction. Gifts like a travel kit, books, tennis racket, golf-clubs, etc. are some of the many gifts that the retiree would love to receive according to their interests.
  • This is a great platform for the retiree as well as the invitees to express their feelings. However, it is important to know if the retiree is comfortable with the idea of speaking in front of a group.

Making the transition smooth and comfortable for the retiring person should be the main consideration behind the retirement celebration. It is the time to assure the person that life will be fun and adventurous for him even after the end of career and that new avenues are waiting on the horizon to be explored and enjoyed by him.

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