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How to Throw the Best IPL Party of the Season

How to Throw the Best IPL Party of the Season

Cricket is a near religion in India. Cricketers are worshipped like demigods and cricket tournaments are ‘celebrated’ like festivals. There is almost a cricket-mania around that sends the nation into a tizzy for weeks and months. People of all ages forget themselves into the game during the cricket season. Die-hard cricket fans flock to the cricket stadiums to cheer their favorite teams. The rest glue themselves to the television sets.

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Indian Premier League or IPL in short, has made this gentleman’s game more glamorous than ever. The bollywood connection of cricketers has been known forever. But never was it thought that these two entirely different things will merge so beautifully to give rise to a completely new form of cricket tournament called the IPL.

How about bringing the thrill and magic of IPL tournament to your home? Throwing an IPL party at home or a club is a trend that has caught up with the imagination of many youngsters. Many groups of young people are organizing IPL parties with great zeal. What can be more fun than watching your favorite team in action while chilling-out with your friends with a bagful of popcorns and gulping down your favorite soft-drinks?

So get set to rock the next IPL season with a fun IPL party at your home or club. Here are some tips if you want to celebrate the next IPL with style.

Inviting Your Friends

Well, if you want to party, you cannot do it alone, right? So inviting your friends for the party will be the obvious first step.

  • Log-on to a social media website like Facebook and post invitations to your friends telling them about the place and timings for the party.
  • You can also send them emails if you prefer.
  • Get help of an online event organizing service to send innovative theme-based invitations and generate more curiosity and interest about the actual event.
  • Invite both, your boy and girl friends. Although girls are not as experts on the topic of cricket as almost every guy supposedly is, they will certainly cheer-up the atmosphere. Why else do they have cheer-girls in the stadium?

Dressing for the IPL Party

This is not your usual cocktail party guys. This is a special party where you celebrate the spirit of the game of cricket. Therefore, dressing to the occasion, while keeping this in mind, is very important. Make sure that your outfits add to the playfulness of the mood.

  • The best way to dress for an IPL party is to wear the t-shirts of your favorite team’s color-scheme, name and logo on them. This will add to the excitement by letting everyone know who you are supporting and will even create a fun competitive environment.
  • Wearing caps, wrist-bands or scarves with pictures, logos and colors of your favorite teams and players will add to the thrill.
  • Wearing the masks of your favorite players will also add to the fun spirit of the party.

Decorations for the IPL Party

It is basically about the game of cricket and every corner of the party venue must be decorated with that in mind.

  • A large plasma screen is an absolute must to really get into the thrill of the game and make you feel as if you are right there in the stadium.
  • If you have good quality speakers, put them on a concert or stadium mode.
  • Posters or your favorite cricketers are a must. You can also use posters of group photos of your favorite teams. Stick or hang them on the walls, doors, windows, every place where your vision can reach.
  • Decorating the venue with some real bats, balls, stumps, bales, gloves, pads, etc. and putting mock trophies or miniature cricket fields, stadiums, etc. on the tables or shelves can be a creative way of adding the special ‘cricket’ touch to the party.
  • No party can be a party without music. IPL is all about cricket with a bollywood touch. So what better for music than the latest chartbuster bollywood numbers? Play it loud enough to pump up some adrenaline. Charge up the atmosphere with all time favorite games related numbers like Jai Ho, Chak De India, Bar bar haan, etc.

Food and Drink for the IPL Party

  • What better company than a glass of beer while hooting for those cracking fours and sky-rocketing sixes?
  • If you don’t prefer alcohol, then you may go for your favorite soft-drinks. Serve these drinks in funky colorful glasses. Keep the fridge or cooler at arm’s length so that you can keep refueling your party engines every couple of overs.
  • Celebrate the occasion with plenty of pop-corns, chips, wafers, pretzels, nachos, etc.
  • Be creative with cakes. Add some icing decoration mocking the cricket field or serve cup-cakes with the shape of a cricket ball.
  • Munching on some light snacks like burgers, sandwitches, pakoras, pani-puris will be a great idea for the light-hearted fun atmosphere.
  • Seekh kababs or chicken rolls will also roll nicely with the rollicking mood of the moment.

Fun Activities for the IPL Party

You are here to enjoy your favorite game and cheer-up your favorite team. Don’t let your team down by shying away from showing your love and support for them.

  • Get into the mood of the moment by letting your hair loose on some dance numbers. Dance to bhangra beats if you are a fan of the Kings XI Punjab or play lejhims if Mumbai Indians is your favorite team.
  • You may even get your hands on to drums and bugles to cheer your favorite team while it is on the winning spree or a player reaching a century, just as you do in the stands.
  • Girls can imitate the cheer-girls when their favorite players hit boundaries or sixes.

Party Favors for the IPL Party

No party is complete without some party favors. You can offer some innovative gifts to your IPL party ‘players’.

  • Cricket t-shirts.
  • Mugs or jars with designs based on a cricket theme.
  • Key-chains or cufflinks with cricket bat or ball designs.
  • Bottle opener in the shape of a cricket bat.
  • Cricket ball or bat shaped clock.

Follow these easy-to-follow rules of the game and let your IPL party be the best party in your vicinity.

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