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Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Boy o boy! So it’s a baby boy! Arrival of a new baby boy in a family brings a great delight not only to the parents but also to the entire family. It is time for welcoming the new guest and celebrate the occasion. Throwing a cute little party is one of the best ways to express your joy and share it with relatives and friends.

When it comes to planning a baby shower party, you can use specific themes. However, sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find the right theme. Your son is not yet born and you don’t have any idea of his personality traits or interests. So there is hardly any way you can choose a theme based on those criteria. It is mostly about your preferences and what you think will suit the occasion.
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There are many types of themes you can use for your baby shower party. There are simple to elaborate to humorous themes to select from. There are no set rules. So you have quite the freedom to be really creative. Following are a few interesting baby shower theme ideas for boys that you could consider to make it a fun-filled occasion for everybody.

Sports Star Theme

If you love sports, then this is the perfect theme to welcome the new sports star in your family. It goes wonderfully well with the love of sports that most guys share and makes a very popular theme for a baby shower for a boy.

  • An invitation that resembles a score-board will look innovative.
  • Decorating the venue to make it look like a sports field will add the sporty feel to the atmosphere. Use a green carpet to resemble the green turf of a playground. Place or hang some sports gears and accessories like cute little miniature bats, rackets, balls, etc. on the table or shelves.
  • Decorate the table with a fake grass turf or a table cloth that has white lines resembling the football field. Use sports themed plates, trays etc. to serve food.

Blue Color Theme

This is one of the most traditional yet a very popular one. The color for baby boys is blue as it is pink for a baby girl.

  • Use sky blue color and an occasional white as the prime colors for the theme. You can use darker shades of blue or even yellow to add some variation.
  • Send a fun ‘diaper’ invitation. Get the invitations printed on a white paper with a blue design or border. Get “It’s A Boy” attractively printed on it. Put the invitations in white colored diaper-shaped envelops and enclose with white or blue safety-pins.
  • Use the same colored banner, thank you notes, etc.
  • Use shades of blue and white for everything from curtains, cushions, table-cloths, etc.
  • Decorate the table with white flowers in a blue decorative vase.
  • Arrange cup-cakes with blue icing and nutty finger cookies in white plates on the table and decorate the table with blue and white ribbons.

Green Frog Theme

Remember the proverbial frog that turned into prince charming? A frog theme is an excellent theme to add some fun to a baby shower for a boy.

  • Think green. It is the color green that is the main theme color here. Use ample shades of green throughout the theme decorations.
  • You can buy frog theme tableware as well as accessories and decorative items from a retailer or make them yourself.
  • Decorate the centerpiece with a ‘frog theme inspired’ diaper cake.
  • Leapfrog is an old-fashioned yet fun game to play as the shower game.

King of the Jungle Theme

Guys love adventure. Your soon to arrive baby boy will most likely too! Why not add some of that thrill to the shower theme? It is certainly one of the most popular themes for a baby shower for boys.

  • Creating an atmosphere that resembles the wilderness is the main objective. Use cardboard cutouts of trees and bushes and green paper vines. Hang stuffed moneys, snakes, etc. on them. Place cute little stuffed lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, etc. to make it look like a cute jungle.
  • Use a diaper cake, Safari cake or a gift hamper with animal theme as decoration for the centerpiece.
  • Buy or make cupcakes with animal-shaped decorations. Animal-shaped cookies, finger sandwiches go very well with the jungle theme. There are instructions available for making these awesome looking delicacies online.

With some creative imagination and lots of enthusiasm, you can come up with some unique themes that can make your baby shower one of the most unique and interesting in your community. You can even find more ideas and help regarding planning the event online on many websites that are dedicated to make your every occasion a special one.

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