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Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

The arrival of a new baby girl in the family is a joyous moment for everyone. Parents are thrilled and overjoyed seeing their ‘creation’ in front of their eyes. It is a tender and emotional moment for both the parents. Planning for a wonderful baby shower party can be as exciting. Both the parents are keen on making this occasion one of the most special and memorable in their life. They are bubbling with enthusiasm and want to make the event exciting and fun for everyone.

There is great room for creativity when it comes to a baby shower party. You can be innovative with the party decorations. There are many baby shower themes for girls that can be used creatively to make the party exciting and enjoyable. Experimenting on different ideas and selecting the one that feels the best for your unique baby’s special day is important.Create Free Online Invitations for Baby Shower

Following are a few of the most popular baby shower party themes for girls.

Fairy Tale Theme

This is one of the most popular of themes and quite obviously so. Fairytales are a hit among anything that goes with kids. A baby shower need not be an exception.

  • Popular fairytale girl characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, princess Jasmine, etc. are perfect for a baby shower for a girl. It is important to use them in their baby versions however.
  • Sending an invitation in the shape of a crown or castle will make it interesting. Use online resources to send attractive themed invitations.
  • Decorate the venue with colorful fairytale decorations of mountains, clouds, magic wands, castles, etc. to create a fantasy-like atmosphere.
  • Dress in a medieval style of outfit made of cloth or paper. Guests can also wear costumes that go with the fairytale atmosphere.

Pin the tail of the dragon is a fun game to play with this theme. It is also fun to attach fairy wings behind the long, flowy fairy dresses.

Animal Theme

Children love animals. Both resemble certain characteristics such as innocence and naturalness. Using an animal theme is a great way to celebrate a baby shower.

  • Send invitations with pictures of animals. You can add some creative touch by using animal footprints as a decorative design.
  • Use cute stuffed animals to decorate the venue. Put them on sofas, tables and shelves.
  • Use colorful cardboard cut-outs of different animals to decorate the tables and shelves.
  • Prepare or buy an animal safari baby shower cake decorated with miniature animals made of icing on it.
  • As far as games are concerned, children can be asked to paint animal masks.

Teddy Bear Theme

Girls love their cuddly teddy bears. It is an integral companion of many a girl’s growing years. A teddy bear theme is a perfect theme for a baby girl’s shower. Whether you buy new teddies or use old ones, make sure that they are arranged attractively.

  • Small teddy bears can be placed on the baby cot or crib.
  • A teddy bear scepter can also be given to the mommy-to-be.
  • Clotted cream and delicious scones can be laid on the table as refreshments.
  • For entertainment, diaper race can be organized.

Color Theme

Pink is considered the color for girls. Decorating the party room with shades of this color can be a simple yet beautiful theme idea for a baby shower of a girl.

  • Send pink or brown color printed invitations with ‘It’s a Girl’ printed on it.
  • Use banners and thank you notes in the same theme colors as the invitation.
  • Use pink with an occasional white for curtains, sofa covers, cushions and table-cloths can make the venue acquire a girlish charm.
  • However, you need not restrict yourself to pink. Other colors such as purple, yellow or green, if used in attractive combinations can make an impressive decoration as well.
  • For games, every guest can be handed a pin and they should be asked to refrain any color’s name. As soon as they utter a name of the color, they will lose their pin. This is quite an interesting game.

A baby shower party can be an exciting activity for both the proud family of the newly arriving baby as well as the guest who attend it. Using some imagination and creativity with these popular themes, the occasion can be special and memorable.

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